The 61st Emmy Nominees Announced

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has recently announced the nominees for the 61st Emmy Awards 2008 Edition.

Series as “Mad Men” and “30 Rock” lead in nominations with 16 and 22 each, but unsual candidates such as “Family Guy” and “Flight of the Conchords” had outbeat regulars – such as Two and a Half Men- in the announcements.

Quoting CNN: “Desperate Housewives,” whose actresses usually nab at least one nomination in the lead comedy actress category, was shut out in that field, as well as for best comedy series. In fact, the show earned just two nominations — one for a guest spot by Beau Bridges, the other for best hairstyling.

America Ferrera, a former winner for best actress in a comedy, also failed to pick up a nomination. The show earned just two total.”

Former Glinda in “Wicked”  Broadway, Kristin Chenoweth has also being nominated for her role in “Pushing Daises”.

Complete List in Offical Site


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