ManualsOnline: Search for Users-guides

If you are very much like me, you like to follow instructions when don’t know how to install something or how to solve any problem you had with a gadget or device.

But then, after months or years of having that TV, Computer, iPod, etc. you find yourself looking for your users guide or manual, and just wondering if you throw it away or not, or whether your dog had an indigestion with that small booklet.

Today, it was brought to my attention this nice and smooth site. ManualsOnline is a complete site with full of this manuals and users guides for thousands of different gadgets, appliances, phones, etc, around the globe. Is easy to search and very user-friendly interface.

Try it out if you ever need to look at your manual. Hopefully, we don’t need to use it too soon.

vía  PuntoGeek

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