Twitter to change Retweets

Twitter recently announced that the company is about to change the way twitter users use the Retweet function.

According to the offical blog, “Proyect Retweet” as they call it, is in phase one. This could become on the biggest change to the micro-blogging service since it went mainstream.

The company explains: “Some of Twitter’s best features are emergent�people inventing simple but creative ways to share, discover, and communicate. One such convention is retweeting. When you want to call more attention to a particular tweet, you copy/paste it as your own, reference the original author with an @mention, and finally, indicate that it’s a retweet. The process works although it’s a bit cumbersome and not everyone knows about it.”

The solution it seems is to allow users to see retweets from people they follow, even if they don’t follow the person the being retweeted.The result should be that users will be opened to a wider audience of people, although those worried about getting information overload will be able to turn it off.

vía Twimmer


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