Twitter applied to Broadway Musicals: Case “Next To Normal”

Recently, the New York Times published a very interesting article on how creativity on Web 2.0 can reach any market and any industry. Andrew Adam Newman, author of the article, wrote on how the Broadway hit “Next to Normal,” currently playing at the Booth Theater on West 45th Street, took advantage of new technologies in this case Twitter, social networking site, to broadcast an adapted version of the show to gain visibility.

“Next to Normal”  began to publish in the form of short text messages, or tweets — just a line from a character at a time- on several times daily over 35 days.

So as to imagine the impact on May 12, about a week into the serialized Twitter performance, “Next to Normal” had 30,000 followers; when it ended on June 7 with the last line of text and audio from the final song, “Light,” about 145,000 had signed up. Then, as the cast began text messaging back and forth with followers, their numbers continued to grow, recently topping 550,000. According to the tracking site Twitterholic, N2NBroadway is ranked 210th, attracting more followers than celebrities like Paris Hilton and Stephen Colbert and brands likeStarbucks.

I think this is a clear example on how Web 2.0 can leverage any product. It truly doesn’t matter if it is a Musical Play or a Coffee, if you have an adequate and creative use of the Web 2.0 it can help anything!

See Full Performance of Next To Normal over Twitter

via New York Times | See full article of the NYT here


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