Air New Zealand has “Nothing to Hide”

Air New Zealand launched some months ago an incredible marketing campaign to try and savage the down-selling in passenger travel and air freight.  Under “Nothing to Hide”, Air New Zealand redesigned some visuals on board and through TV commercial with safety video  given by employees who are nude except for body paint and strategically visual-obstructing objects.

With an ad’s tag line “Which is why the price you pay includes everything — up front,” Air New Zealand tries to revoke an increasingly trend in the industry of adding more hidden charges to fares in an effort to increase falling revenue.

The videos are obviously not revealing as some may expect or secretly hope (given the toned bodies of the employees) but will sure capture more rapt attention to the line “undo the seat belt by lifting the metal flap.”

The commercial, “Nothing to Hide,” has been viewed nearly four  million times on You Tube and according to official sources it has become  the most-viewed clip ever to come out of New Zealand.


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