Girl of the Week: Alice Eve

Alice Eve (born 6 February 1982) is a British actress. Eve is the daughter of actors Trevor Eve and Sharon Maughan and has two younger brothers, Jack and George. She was raised in the UK and Los Angeles.

She has starred in television dramas including the BBC’s The Rotters’ ClubPoirot and Hawking, as well as the film Stage Beauty (2004).

Eve played significant roles in two 2006 films: Starter for 10 and Big Nothing (with both she and co-star Simon Pegg using American accents). She spent the early part of 2006 in India working on a new drama mini-series Losing Gemma about backpackers.

Eve has appeared in two plays; both directed by Trevor Nunn. In 2006 she appeared in Rock ‘n’ Roll, a new play by Tom Stoppard at the Royal Court Theatre and reprised her role in the 2007 Broadway transfer. For her performance she was nominated for the best supporting actress award at the Theatregoers’ Choice Awards. In 2009 she played Roxane in a production of Cyrano de Bergerac at the Chichester Festival Theatre and in movie Crossing Over.

She appears in the forthcoming U.S. film She’s Out of My League.

Eve also aspires to be a screenwriter.

Secret Wish: That she comes to us for a VISA instead of to Ray Liotta. (Google Crossing Over scene!)


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