Liana Hunt Favourite Sophie Sheridan

The results from the “Poll of the Month” just came in.

And the winner is: LIANA HUNT.With over 6o% of the votes North American Tour leading lady is getting the award of “Favourite Sophie Sheridan” in “Wicked I”.

Second place was for Miria Parvin from the International Tour and Brandi Burkhardt former Broadway Sophie.

Then, Niahm Perry, Elise Berends, Suzie Mathers, Vicki Noon and Carrie Manolakos all tie in the following positions.

Congratulations to all of the participants and specially to talented Liana Hunt!


3 thoughts on “Liana Hunt Favourite Sophie Sheridan

  1. hi liana my name is sophie too i saw you yesturday at mama mia concert i liked you so much i have a question are you playing in wizards of waverly place? please write me in the Email Love Sophie

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