Poll of the Month: Who is your Favourite Elphaba?


23 thoughts on “Poll of the Month: Who is your Favourite Elphaba?

  1. I vote for Jen DiNoia!
    I am Australian and of course love the other Oz’tralian Elphies but I seen Jen perform here in Sydney recently 3 times and she is just a knock out. Sydney misses Jen!!!!
    My Wicked experiences will not be the same without Jen as Elphie!
    Jen = Star.

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  4. Amanda Harrison is absolutely amazing. Mandy is my favourite Elphaba. I’m so glad I got to see her, she is the best Elphaba IMO.

  5. Jemma Rix ♥
    The loveliest person you could ever hope to meet; her voice is absolutely extraordinary, flawless and out of this world! Her Defy Gravity gives me chills every time. I couldn’t possibly imagine a more perfect Elphaba – all the others are absolutely wonderful, but Jemma is just astounding!

  6. I think Marcie Dodd is just fabulous! I love that everyone is so passionate about “their” Elphaba! As it should be!
    I think Marcie hasn’t had enough exposure! Her voice is powerful and her acting is flawless! Her chemistry with Helene York makes it such it does not look like acting, but two friends.

  7. Teal Wicks is the best Elphaba! Her voice gives me chills and keeps me coming back again and again. Teal Wicks is beyond amazing!!!

  8. Jackie Burns is by far, one of the best Elphabas ever.
    She’s fairly new to the 1st National Tour, but I highly suggest for anyone who doesn’t know her to look her up. Her voice is amazing, and her performance was flawless.

    • Ugh, so do I!
      I saw her a few months ago.. It was amazing. Her chemistry with Lauren and Richard was unbelievable, and her interpretations of certain lines and scenes were different from the others I’ve seen.

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