Spice Girls having their Musical

It has been announced recently that a stage production based on the Spice Girls and their music is being created by Mamma Mia! producer Judy Craymer.

The working title of ‘Viva Forever’ takes its name from the girl group’s 1998 number one single. Mogul Fuller former Spice Girls manager and Craymer will work together to produce the show for London’s West End.
“What Judy has achieved with her all-conquering box office smash hit MAMMA MIA! and what the Spice Girls created with their powerful record-breaking mix of girl power and hit songs, has influenced pop culture more than anyone can imagine,” Fuller added. Craymer said she planned to “create a unique celebration of the band and its music, with its own flavour and joyful message”. She added: “It is important to me that the excitement, style and humour of the Spice Girls is well represented on stage.”

via Mamma Mia


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