Teal Wicks Favourite “Elphaba”

The results from the “Poll of the Month” just came in.

With an amazing record of 65.000 votes the poll is close And the winner is: TEAL WICKS. With over 57% of the votes Outstanding San Francisco’s Elphaba, gets the award of “Favourite Elphaba”.

Second place was for Jemma Rix – current Elphaba in Australian Production of Wicked Broadway with 40% of the votes. Surprisingly third place went to Amanda Harrison also from the Aussie Wicked with 2 per cent.

Then this is the ranking in placing order:

– Idina Menzel

– Jennifer DiNoia

– Stephanie J. Block

– Julian Murney

– Kerry Ellis

– Dee Roscioli

– Eden Espinosa

– Julie Reiber

– Marcie Dodd

– Nicole Parker

– Shohsana Bean

– Carmen Cusack

– Willemijn Verkaik

– Alexia Khadime

– Lisa Brescia

– Vickie Noon

– Caisie Levy

– Coleen Sexton

– Pippa Grandison

– Victoria Matlock

– Carrie Manolakos

– Ashleigh Gray

Thank you all for participating! You have been all wonderful.

Congratulations to all of the contestants and specially to the amazingly talented and gorgeous Teal Wicks!


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