Review: Jersey Boys on Broadway

It was a freezing night in New York.  I was heading to the August Wilson Theater to see one of the Top hits in Broadway: Jersey Boys. This musical story around the hall-of-fame group “Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons”  had me intrigued and I was eager to find out why is one of the most seeing show in Broadway.

I have to admit I hadn’t had the greatest seats of all and although It is a medium size theatre and I had “row 19” from stage, I still enjoyed of a great view at all times.

As I previously stated in other reviews, I’m of course not a critic and perhaps many details are therefore overlooked or even not mentioned along this text.  Still, I would love to tell you my impression of the show.

It was the Saturday-January 2nd night performance and I was lucky enough to see the full official cast that night.

The cast is absolutely incredible. All of their voices were shockingly outstanding. Perfect pitching in such high notes is something really hard to get and they accomplished it with amazing simplicity. Music flow was, at all moments, spectacular. Musical direction seemed mostly correct along the show and the fact of having songs that are, for the audience, very well known, truly helps to create an amazing atmosphere between the audience and the cast. It is obviously not a choreography or a dance musical but all cast was full of life and energy during the entire show delivering a great night of entertainment and joy.

The shows has a bit of everything including moments where you will find laughter hard to restrain and some parts where emotional people will find tears in their eyes. Overall is an amazing comedy where acting timing was perfect in each gag and scene.

Highlights of the night:  Sherry, My eyes adore you, Can’t take my eyes off you, Who Loves you, Finale: Oh What a Night

Summing up, If you want to hear one of the best singing in Broadway you need to see Jersey Boys. Not only Jarrod Spector was brilliant but also the rest of Jersey Boys and full cast including The Angels (“Jersey Girls”) and ensemble. You’ll find the show a perfect match of music and acting. This is a great show for those of you seeking for a great time in Broadway. I was really surprised for how entertaining it was and I strongly recommended for those musical lovers. Is certainly a must in Broadway.


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