Dianne Pilkington leaves Wicked and goes to The 39 Steps

Dianne Pilkington, who is currently starring as Glinda in the London production of Wicked, will join The 39 Steps as Annabella Schmidt, Pamela and Margaret, beginning April 26.

Pilkington previously starred as Grizabella in Cats, Belinda in The Far Pavilions, Mary in Tonight’s the Night, Belle in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and Kim Taboo. Bark-Jones has appeared onstage in The Forrest and Dealer’s Choice and in the films Rocknrolla and The Da Vinci Code.

Adapted by Patrick Barlow from the 1935 Hitchcock classic, The 39 Steps follows the adventures of dashingly handsome hero Richard Hannay as he goes on the run from police (after being accused of murder), dodges double-crossing secret agents and becomes entangled with several devastatingly beautiful women. Four actors play a total of more than 139 roles in 100 minutes of fast-paced fun.

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