Interview of the Month: Neka Zang

Today, we are glad to bring you the second exclusive interview of  Broadway is Wicked. This time we have the incredible Neka Zang. This amazingly talented and gorgeous performer is currently playing the Witches Mother and understudying Nessarose in the San Francisco production of Wicked.

Brodway is Wicked (BW): Who is really Neka Zang? (beyond Wicked)

Neka Zang (NZ): This is such a great question. So many people just associate me with Wicked and think thats all I am or do. The Neka beyond Wicked is somebody who loves being at home with a glass of wine, a ton of lit candles, and good friends. I absolutely love scuba diving in the ocean, and traveling. I adore fashion/style and have subscribed to Vogue magazine for years! I live for music, and try to see as many concerts as I can. I love organic food, fine dining and tea! I paint as a hobby, although I think I am getting pretty good. I crave learning. That is the real Neka.

BW: When did you know that your career was going to be acting?

NZ: I actually did not know that I would be doing anything else other than dancing until I turned 16. I had a knee injury that lead me down a path of acting and musical theater. I am fortunate enough to still be able to dance, but I never really thought musical theater was in the cards for me until 16 years old.

BW: How did you feel the first time you performed in front of an audience?

NZ: I was about 5 years old, dancing my first dance recital. I was scared, shy, nervous, and almost did not come out onto the stage. Once it was over, I knew I was hooked. I still get nervous at times for certain performances in my career, but same as when I was a child, once I hit the stage it all goes away!

BW: How did the roles of Nessa and Witches Mother come about for you?

NZ: When I auditioned for Wicked, I did not know what role they would place me in, as I auditioned as a dancer. I had hoped for this track/role (witches mother)  and sure enough I got it! The understudy for Nessarose only came about this year after I auditioned for it separately.

BW: Do you have a favorite moment in Wicked? A favorite song?

NZ: I really love the song “No Good Deed”. I also love when I am on as Nessa, the transformation she takes in act two. It is powerful!

BW: Why do you think the show has been so successful?

NZ: It is extremely well written, and the music is killer. I also think it has a great message. It is a unique show with a big heart.

BW: How is Wicked different from all things you’ve done before?

NZ: Wicked was the first Broadway show I had been in. It is a massive production with a ton of costumes, lights and scenery. It is the biggest show I have done this far.

BW: Do you have any dream roles?

NZ: I do not have any dream roles. I really love the show Tommy, and would love to sing in that show. As of right now, I do not!

BW: Which do you think are the key things to succeed in Broadway?

NZ: If you want to be successful on Broadway I really think you need to be a hardworking individual. Your career is up to how much you are willing to put in. You need to be able to sing,dance and act! I think the most successful people are the ones who never give up as well!

BW: Which what do you feel more identify with? Why? – Acting, singing or dancing?

NZ: I grew up dancing first, so I will always identify with dance. It will always be a part of me. The older I get the farther away from dance I have become. Acting to me is more of a forte!

BW: What would say to upcoming performers?

NZ: I love this question. Show business is a very difficult profession. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t. If you are an aspiring performer, I suggest you learn as much as you can about your craft and the business itself. Look into performing arts colleges that will help you further your talent. Keep working hard, and if you want it..NEVER GIVE UP!


Wicked 1st National Tour in Dallas, Texas

Where: Music Hall at Fair Park ,909 First Avenue, Dallas,TX 75210 , 214-565-1116

When: As from May 26th thru’ June 27th.

Cast: Wicked First National Tour

Article of Interest: Tale of two witches is ‘Wicked’ fun, actresses say

Additional Information: The hit Broadway musical is a prequel to “The Wizard of Oz, ” telling the tale of Glinda the Good Witch and Elphaba,  who becomes the Wicked Witch of the West.  For information, visit The Music Hall at Fair Park

San Francisco Favourite Production of Wicked

The results from the “Poll of the Month” just came in.

With an amazing record of 2.000 votes the poll is close And the winner is: SAN FRANCISCO With over 35% of the votes and gets the award of “Favourite Production of Wicked”.

Second place was for Oberhausen (Germany) with an amazing poll grabbing 27% of the votes. Surprisingly third place went to Second National Tour with 21%.

Australia came in fourth place followed by Broadway, Los Angeles, First National Tour, Chicago and Osaka in that order.

Pippa Grandison is leaving Wicked

It was officialy announced on Sunday that Pippa Grandison is finishing her contract with the Australian Production of WICKED by the end of this month.

Jemma Rix will continue as Elphaba in that production but will now share the role with Patrice Tipoki as from May 25th.

Patrice started as the Elphaba understudy in Melbourne and she left the show to happily have a baby. Now she returns to her green character to win the stage once again!

I was lucky enough to personally see Patrice (she was my first Elphaba) and I can guarantee you she is awesomely amazing!

Welcome back Patrice!