Interview of the Month: Lindsay K. Northen

Today, we are glad to bring you the third exclusive interview of  Broadway is Wicked. This time we have the fabulous Lindsay K. Northen. This incredibly actress is currently understudying the role of Glinda and she is part of the Ensemble at the Gershwin Theater in Wicked on Broadway.

Broadway is Wicked (BW): Who is really Lindsay Northen? (beyond Wicked)

Lindsay Northen (LN): Lindsay Northen is REALLY from Chapel Hill NC, engaged to Jared Bradshaw, loves her dog Berkley, leisurely dinner in a snazzy restaurant on a Monday night, and watching things on her DVR. 

BW: When did you know that your career was going to be acting?

LN: I knew I liked it and was pretty good at singing and acting around the grade, by the 9th grade I knew I wanted to pursue performing as a career.

BW: How did you feel the first time you performed in front of an audience?

The first time ever? I am not sure when that was, but I didn’t get NERVOUS performing in front of people until like, high school. Then I was really nervous almost all the time until college. 😉

BW: Do you have a favorite moment in Wicked? A favorite song?

LN: My favorite moment in the ensemble is probably the opening, or Shiz classroom( 2 very different moments!) and my favorite moments as Glinda are the attic before defying gravity with Elphaba, and thank goodness at the top of act 2.

BW: Why do you think the show has been so successful?

LN: The show is about 2 themes that everyone can identify with. Being perceived as “different”, and the struggles that come with that, and the power that friendship has to shape your life and the lives around you. This is the only show I know of that is truly about a friendship between 2 women.

BW: You come from another big production such as the national tour of The Sound of Music portraying Maria. What was that experience like for you? How is it different from Wicked?

LN: Touring with the Sound of Music was awesome, but really difficult. That is an enormous role and we traveled on a bus on average, every 2 or 3 days! But that was a fantastic role, and I liked hanging out with all the kids. 🙂

BW: Do you have any dream roles?

LN: Well…Glinda. You know, for REAL. But I would also love to play Mary Poppins, Anne in a Little Night Music, Violet in Violet, the musical. I have a lot of things I would like to do!

BW: Which do you think are the key things to succeed in Broadway?

LN: Talent, Hard work and dedication, a passion for what you do (other wise, you will quit long before you get to do a show on Broadway, this business is HARD!), an ability to be pleasant to work with and as much optimism as you can muster.

BW: Which what do you feel more identify with? Why? – Acting, singing or dancing?

LN: I would say I am a actress who can sing. I am an ok dancer. 

BW: What would say to upcoming performers?

LN: Take dance class. I wish I had thought of that when I was 4. If you want to be an actor, and can do so in your hometown as a hobby and be HAPPY, while also doing another job, you should do that.  If you feel like you MUST move to NYC and try to get a Broadway show or you will DIE, give it a shot! Even if only for a few years. At least you tried! 


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