Libby Servais new blog – “I’ve heard it said…”

I think is better if I just quote Libby’s word for the opening of her new blog “I’ve Heard it Said…“:

As many of you know my bestie and fellow standby, Felicia Ricci has an amazing blog, (Unnaturally Green). Last week, while the two of us were getting pedicures and reading trashy magazines about celebrities, we were also discussing how much we love journaling. It’s such a therapeutic outlet. I told her how much I love reading her blog and she suggested that I start my own. My initial reaction was, “Absolutely not! Blogs are time consuming and I wouldn’t know what to write about.” She assured me that people would like to hear about life as a Glinda standby and as…well, Libby. So, I had a change of heart. Maybe I will enjoy blogging as much as I do journaling. Maybe people do want to hear about the bubbles and troubles of my life.

Welcome to the blogging world! It will be a pleasure to read you!


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