Wicked Day 2010 West End arrives on October 31st

Wicked, the West End phenomenon has recently announced it will be holding it’s 5th annual “Wicked Day” on the 31st October at London’s St Pancras International. The halloween themed Wicked party will include workshops, facepainting and even some live performances from the show’s cast!

The organisers also plan to educate on how to live greener and how to protect the environment and will furthermore donate any and all proceeds to a charity programme that plants trees in forests near St Albans.

Michael McCabe, Executive Producer of WICKED in London, said: “We are very proud to continue using our ‘green’ theme to champion and support environmental causes. This year we are particularly pleased to confirm that all proceeds from WICKED DAY will go to The Woodland Trust in support of their unprecedented national tree-planting campaign “More Trees More Good”, encouraging and helping people to plant trees anywhere and everywhere. With WICKED’s themes of taking responsibility for your own actions, there could not be a more fitting legacy for the show”

Event will take place at the train station between 12pm and 4pm on Halloween.


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