Willemijn Verkaik Favourite Elphaba

The results from the “Poll of the Month” just came in.

Thank you all for voting. If it wasn’t for you guys we wouldn’t have been able to achieve a total of 16.500 votes.

So with no further due the winner is: Willemijn Verkaik with over 50% of the votes. Dutch-leading Elpahaba in the Oberhausen prodution of Wicked, gets the award of “Favourite Elphaba Currently performing”.

Second place was for Rachel Tucker – current Elphaba in West End Production of Wicked with 32% of the votes.  Third place went to Jemma Rix  from the Aussie Wicked with 14 per cent.

Then this is the ranking in placing order:

Thank you all for participating! You have been all wonderful.

Congratulations to all of the contestants and specially to the amazingly talented Willemijn Verkaik!!

7 thoughts on “Willemijn Verkaik Favourite Elphaba

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  2. Willemijn is the best Elphelba, I totally agree. You should really see her perform: an amazingly great voice and passionate actress. She is going to do the Dutch Wicked show too: lucky us…:-)

  3. I wonder, is she the first Elphaba-playing actress to become (national) trending topic? She was a few (6) hours ago in NL

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