Wicked London Cast Changes and Annoucements

Wicked London’s latest Cast Change is scheduled to take place on Saturday 5th February and it looks like it will be a very sad day as a lot of popular cast members will be leaving us.

Those who have already confirmed that they will be leaving are Cassie Compton (Nessarose) Lee Mead (Fiyero), George Ure (Boq), Sarah Earnshaw (Standby Glinda) and Ensemble members Lewis Bradley, Jack Wilcox, Stevie Tate- Bauer, Danny Mac, Lucy Newton and Sam Wilmott.

On a happier note, the following have all extended their contracts; Louise Dearman (Glinda), Rachel Tucker (Elphaba), Nikki Davis-Jones (Standby Elphaba), Clive Carter (The Wizard), Julie Le Grande (Madame Morrible) and Julian Forsyth (Dr Dillamond).

Who will be sharing the stage with them from Monday 7th February is as yet unknown, although it is currently the subject of much rumour and speculation! We will keep you updated as soon as announcements are made.

by Sarah – London Editor


2 thoughts on “Wicked London Cast Changes and Annoucements

  1. I Have new cast members for the London company of WICKED will replace Cassandra Compton, Lee Mead, George Ure, Sarah Earnshaw, Lewis Bradley, Jack Wilcox, Stevie Tate-Bauer, Danny Mac, Lucy Newton & Sam WIlmott.

    They are Emma Warren (Nessarose), Mark Evans (Fiyero), Ed White (Boq), Amy Lennox (Standby Glinda) & New ensemble members are Gavin Alex, Noel Sullivan, Siobhan Dillon, Matthew Goodgame, Jane McMurtrie & Francis Haugen.

    I Have also new cast members that will extended their contracts that will replace Louise Dearman, Rachel Tucker, Nikki Davis-Jones, Clive Carter, Julie Legrand & Julian Forsyth.

    They are Rachael Wooding (Glinda), Dani Rayner (Elphaba), Kate Holderness (Standby Elphaba), Peter Davison (The Wizard), Rosemary Ashe (Madame Morrible) & Brian Conley (The Wizard).

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