Wicked announced new cast for West End production

The full cast of Wicked London from 7th February 2011 have now been revealed. Louise Dearman (Glinda) and Rachel Tucker (Elphaba) have extended their contracts until December 2011 and they will be joined by Mark Evans, who will take over from Lee Mead in the role of Fiyero. Mark was at the Apollo Victoria watching his new teammates last Tuesday and Tweeted “just watched Wicked!!! Louise Dearman and Rachel Tucker are incredible!!! Looking forward to February 7th to start working with them!!!”

The following have also extended their contracts Julie Legrand (Madame Morrible, Clive Carter (The Wizard) and Julian Forsyth (Dr Dillamond). They shall be joined by Zoe Rainey who takes over the role of Nessarose from Cassie Compton and Ben Stott who takes over the role of Boq from George Ure. Chloe Taylor, a member of the 2009 cast will take over as the new Standby Glinda, joining Nikki Davis-Jones (standby Elphaba).
Rounding out the cast are Gemma Atkins, Alex Louize Bird, Andrew Bryant, Gareth Chart, Joe Colasanti, Nicholas Collier, Aileen Donohoe, Emma Green, Antony Hansen, Jacqueline Hughes, Daniel Jones, Jasmine Kerr, Sophie Linder-Lee, Saori Oda, Sean Parkins, Soeli Parry, Michelle Pentecost, Paul Saunders, Charlotte Scott, Niall Sheehy, Tommy Sherlock, Thomas Sutcliffe, Sam Taylor, Jennifer Tierney, Hannah Toy and Matt Turner.

So not as severe a change as earlier this year which saw practically the whole cast leave the company, but there will still be lots of tearful farewells on February 5th.

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