Editorial: The power of Twitter

I normally don’t write any editorials because, frankly, I  don’t see the point of it. You all think by yourselves and my opinions are pretty much as subjective as any of yours. However, today I’ll make an exception. I feel the need to express myself to all of you.

I’m on my return flight to my hometown after a two-days trip to the Big Apple. Broadway was certainly a highlight of my trip. Many of you will think that I went to see Wicked. Well, not exactly. For the first time in my life I have to admit I chose a Greek Island over Oz. But that’s not the entire point of the whole column.

On Wednesday night I went to see Mamma Mia at the beautiful Winter Garden Theater. Simply, because I enjoy the musical but mainly  because I wanted to see and meet, if possible, the talented Liana Hunt. I’ve been following her career (and Twitter account) for a long time now –ever since she was first appointed  as Sophie for the National Tour of the smashing-hit Mamma Mia. As many other performers, this young but yet very talented lady has a twitter account, and although she doesn’t tweet as often as other actors she was always there telling us about her experience throughout North America or adding small comments. Liana was also chosen by all of you as “Favorite Sophie” in a poll last year. Since then, I have been exchanging some tweets with her and I even promised that, if I ever was in the same city , I would love to see her on stage. And I kept my word.

But the key questions here is:  Would I have traded Wicked for Mamma Mia if I didn’t feel that “connection” towards going and see Liana? My answers is : probably not. Twitter is a powerful tool that enable us to be totally connected at  almost every moment and with thousands of people around the world. Think it this way: I am from Argentina and it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I moved to the US, what better example of a world-wide reach there is but mine. In this particular case, I met Liana through Twitter and the fact that we had previously exchanged some tweets created-within me- that x factor that drove me to go and see her instead of anything else on Broadway. Of course, I’m not a friend of hers or any other actor. As many of you, I’m a common theatergoer.  But the fact that I felt “closer” to her after exchanging a few tweets was decisive at a certain level.

I know many actors don’t see this connection or even can’t truly imagine how some fans may feel about receiving a simple hi or thank you over Twitter. But I can guarantee you that I’m not the only “follower” than feels “special” when getting a response over twitter or other social network. Of course, I do understand that actors can’t respond to everyone because, like me, there are hundreds of other people that are also tweeting them. But that’s exactly the point. That’s exactly why after a simple response we feel special. You don’t even have to respond every single time.

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not writing this  to change how things are, but sometimes it is nice to let you all know how things work on this side.

As many of you know I tweeted prior to the show, during the intermission, and after the end. When I woke up the following day I had a response from Liana thanking me for everything. She needn’t do that, but the fact that she did, makes her “special” and makes me want to go back and see her next time.

In conclusion, Twitter can be whatever we wanted or needed to be. Whether is to get information, to meet new people or simply to have a gesture. You actors have the amazing power of being able to make a difference. If it’s just to make our day with a simple hi, or to set an example that can inspire our life. You can do it. Don’t underestimate that power and use it for good. A simple @reply can turn a bad day into an incredible day for us (the fans). But let us all know, we shouldn’t expect it. It’s not the rule. Besides  surprises can be much more thrilling.


3 thoughts on “Editorial: The power of Twitter

  1. Thanks for this post. I conveniently agree with what you are saying. I have been talking about this subject a lot lately with my father so most probably this will get him to see my point of view. Fingers crossed!

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