Poll of the Month: Who is the “Wicked” Personality of the Year?

As 2010 comes to an end, here at Broadway is Wicked, we want to know who is the true “Wicked” Personality of the Year!

As from now you can vote for your favorite performer!

NOTE: There are a lots of names-so scroll down-but if its not on the list you can always add her\him under “Other”

Let’s the voting begin! Good luck to everyone.


10 thoughts on “Poll of the Month: Who is the “Wicked” Personality of the Year?

  1. I think Nikki David-Jones is AMAZING and she should win best actor of wicked, she has a beautiful voice and a great personality, taking time out to come and hear a bunch of kids sing and then sing back to them in great an I admire her for this

    • Unfortunately, I have actually never seen Nikki Davis-Jones, but I heard she was amazing and better person-just like you say. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  2. I LOVED Jennifer Dinoia she was the understudy but she was the best Elphaba I have ever seen! I saw her in June! And I also LOVED Jackie Burns she was sooo amazing saw her in Toronto in November she did an amazing job! They both tie for my vote!

  3. Can you give us a Name and Count of the “Others” category from the initial Poll? I know there is a page that shows the votes, but its hard to read and I am sure those actors would like a shout-out by this website. Thanks!

    • Sure! here you are. Thanks for commenting

      Deedee Magno – 81
      Lewis Bradley – 11
      Erin Wilson – 1
      Kristin Chenoweth – 2
      Idina Menzel – 3
      Rondi Reed – 1
      Joana Fee Würz – 3
      Jennifer di Noia – 1
      Christine Dwyer- 1
      Aaron Tveit – 1
      Carmen Cusack – 1
      Carl Stickler – 1
      Julie Reiber – 1
      Alyssa Fox – 1
      Elisa Colla – 1
      Lucy Newton – 1
      Anton Zetterholm – 2
      Stephan Luethy – 1
      Lindsay Northen – 1
      Niall Sheehy – 1
      Jack Wilcox – 1

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