Sarah Earnshaw leaving Wicked on West End this Saturday

by Sarah

Saturday 8th January is set to be a sad day for the West End due to a number of high profile departures, but while a lot of the attention seems to be on Sheridan Smith (leaving Legally Blonde) and Kerry Ellis (leaving Oliver!), Wicked fans will be turning their attention to the Apollo Victoria for the exodus of someone who may not grab the headlines, but is just as important.

Sarah Earnshaw is the last remaining member of the original Wicked London cast so it is set to be a very sad occasion, more so as she is not due to even set foot on the stage on her last day! As Standby Glinda, Sarah is set to spend her last day in Oz in the wings, optimistically monitoring any coughs and sneezes coming from first choice Glinda, Louise Dearman, and perhaps getting in some last minute ukulele lessons from her fellow standby, Nikki Davis-Jones.

I have my fingers crossed that she will get on stage on Saturday, and for longer than it takes to collect some flowers and have a bit of a farewell speech. She deserves more than that and a final show would be a fitting send off.

She is leaving before the rest of the cast as she is off to pastures new… to play Emma in the touring production of Jekkyl and Hyde. It starts in Bromley on the 20th January before moving on to Wimbledon, Dublin, Aberdeen, Manchester, Southampton, Birmingham, Bradford, Sheffield, Bristol, Liverpool, Stoke on Trent, Tunbridge Wells, Norwich, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Milton Keynes, Cardiff, Woking, Plymouth and Leeds.


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