Wicked London ‘muck up mat’ -What is that?

by Sarah

Saturday 4th February 2011 was the latest Cast Change for Wicked London and, as is tradition, the matinee show was a “muck up mat”. If you are not familiar with the concept then it involves the cast adding in little changes to the show that would not spoil the overall enjoyment of the show for the ordinary viewer but would cause much hilarity to those of us who have already seen the show far too many times already. Below are some of the highlights;

Act One
Lewis Bradley delivered the line “is it true you were her friend” in a strong Scottish accent.
Danny Mac fell off the box he was sitting on when he first met Elphaba and she barked “yes, I have always been green”
Matt Krzan carried the bike on, ringing the bell as he went, instead of riding it on.
Lee Mead arrived onstage in the Fiyero cart, upside down!
Fiyero didnt throw Boq’s book off stage during Dancing Through Life, he just handed it back to him. Boq just dropped it at his feet and walked off.
In the Ozdust Ballroom scene, Boq kissed Nessa
After “Popular” Fiyero came on stage with a Glinda pink flower in his hair, hence this hilarious exchange;
Fiyero “you’ve been Galindafied”
Elphaba “I’VE been Galindified”
Fiyero “You don’t have to do that you know”
Elphaba “Neither do you”
Gareth Chart’s Scientist had a long Bobby Charlton-esque comb over and was Cockney.
Chistery randomly appeared in the railway scene.
Slight, yet significant line change “Itttttt’sssssssss Boooooooqqq. And I won’t be doing this anymore” got a big “aah” from the crowd.
Daniel Jones rolled sideways from one side of the stage to another instead of doing back flips.
Danny Mac had some daft scooter antics during “One Short Day”.

Act Two
Less silliness in this half.
Chistery was hiding under the Wizard’s coat and eating lots of bananas; when he was on top of Wizard’s mechanical head and and when handing the Grimerie to Elphie.
Clive Carter was his usual fantastic ad libbing self when asked to let the flying monkeys go. “I was going to let a few of them go today anyway…. can’t I keep a couple of them for myself..?”
Before demanding the guards “let the green girl go” Fiyero swung in and out on the rope twice with a petrified look on his face. It was highly amusing.
The boys and girls swapped hats in Fight of the Witch Hunter.

And that was about it… lots of laughter and sillyness before we all got emotional in the evening show at the thought of so many talented performers leaving the show. They will be greatly missed. Then the usual Cast Change scrum at the stage door afterwards ended another fantastic day in Oz. Big thanks to the departing Ozians (and of course to those who are staying on) for putting on two amazing final performances.


4 thoughts on “Wicked London ‘muck up mat’ -What is that?

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  2. After Lee swung on and off the stage he then walked in to give the Let the Green Girl Go line.

    Elphaba gave Fiyero a pink flower at the end of ALAYM.

    When Lee came on for DTL in the back of the statue Lewis and Naill did the same little Avaric/Fiyero dance.

    Boq wore a kick me sign in the Ozdust ballroom scene.

    Lee hit Boq with the wand during the Ozdust ballroom.

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