WICKED Delights Blind Children’s Learning Center

Members from the current touring production of WICKED spent some of their time offstage with children from the Blind Children’s Learning Center in Santa Ana. Seven cast members performed a number of songs for the students as a surprise treat. The event was facilitated by Johnson Gray Advertising, who is currently working with the nonprofit to create a strategic marketing plan that will increase their awareness in the community.

The only school of its kind in Southern California, the Blind Children’s Learning Center provides children who are visually impaired a learning environment that encourages and fosters independence in everyday life while preparing them for the future. The Center also promotes the attendance of sighted children who are placed in classrooms alongside the visually impaired.

“The cast and I always enjoy meeting our younger fans. We take advantage of as many opportunities as we can to reach out to the kids in the community. Everyone I spoke with was eager to attend and support this incredible organization,” said Michelle London, who plays Nessarose and is an agency alumna. Randy Lopez of Johnson Gray added, “We wanted to create a unique opportunity for the kids and faculty of the Blind Children’s Learning Center and these cast members were so gracious to donate their time and talent.”



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