3 thoughts on “Poll: Do you like Jackie Burns taking over Teal Wicks as the new Elphaba on Broadway?

  1. NO PLEASE DO NOT REPLACE TEAL WICKS!! She is Elphaba! She brings the audience into the world of Oz and we FEEL the character more than any other Elphaba!! Teal Wicks is amazing!

  2. Over the summer I saw wicked starring Teal Wicks with my boyfriend, and she gave us chills, she was absolutely amazing. She truly was Elphaba she completely captured every emotion. She was incredible. I just saw Wicked again last night with my mom starring Jackie burns.. And I was a bit dissappointed, I didn’t feel she captured the character and I didn’t feel the same emotions I did when I saw Teal Wicks. No chills with Jackie!

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