WICKED London changes cast and this is our tribute

by Sarah

Another chapter in the book of Wicked London is about to end and another is about to begin so we thought it was fitting to pay our own little tribute. Three cheers to the ShizUniversity class of 2011!

Louise Dearman
I had not heard of Louise when she got the job of Glinda so I was not sure what to make of her. It didn’t help that I was in a post-Pilkington slump and did not want to go back to Oz for a while. Inevitably I was back again before long (well, why delay the inevitable…) and I totally fell in love with Louise’s performances. Why? Well she has a beautiful singing voice and a beautiful personality. She is so lovely and so kind and friendly to people at stage door. Her Glinda is so funny. I love her confused faces and her bouncy little runs. Her “baaaaaaaaaallllllllllgooooowwwwwnnnnn”, her reaction to when she sees the rows of shoes hanging up during “Popular” and her little low down waves when the curtain is going down at the end. She is such an engaging performer and will be greatly missed, although I am really forward to seeing what she does next.
Mark Evans
I am a big fan of Mark and he has been a great addition to the cast. I was not a fan of Lee Mead’s performances (it is allowed. It is all a matter of opinion) but I really liked the way Mark played Fiyero. The arrogant and spoilt opening, then the mellowing out towards the end. He is such a dedicated professional and such a warm, lovely human being. So upbeat and optimistic about life. And, let’s be honest, not bad to look at either!! The future looks bright as he is going straight into the lead role in Ghost and his album is doing well, thanks to which we now know some Welsh. So Mark, this is a little message for you… Pob lwc yn y marc dyfodol a diolch i chi am bopeth! (Google translator is a wonderful thing)
Zoe Rainey
Zoe is so funny and talented plays the two sides of Nessa so well. She has a lovely singing voice and a good chemistry with the rest of the cast. I especially love her thought provoking Interval Tweets!
Ben Stott
Ben’s Boq will be greatly missed. Shy and retiring at first but then gradually worn down by being a doormat and does a great angry Boq. I love his Bromance with Mark Evans and the way they Tweet each other all the time (even when they are in the same building!) and, of course, his Jedward-inspired hair!
Clive Carter
I think Clive must go down as my favourite wizard of all time. He is so funny and is the king of improvisation, which is always good to keep things interesting. I was at stitches at the last muck up mat with some of the stuff he was coming out with. Rachel was finding it hard to keep a straight face too. Hoping for more of the same this Saturday. It will be very strange seeing Desmond back onstage as the Wizard on Monday.
Julian Forsythe
A hard role to play as you are hardly in the show so there is a lot of waiting around. It’s certainly not a role I would like to play; it’s hot enough in the Apollo Victoria most days without having to wear a Goat head!
Alas, a lot of the rest of the cast are also leaving…
Andrew Bryant, Gareth Chart (who should have been Dr Dillamond full time in my view), Joe Colasanti, Anthony Hansen (my Mum’s favourite. She was forever ringing me up saying “When’s Anthony on? When is the other man on holiday”), Daniel Jones (monkey boy), Jasmine Kerr (will be very strange to not watch her wonderful dancing; she is fantastic to watch), Saori Oda (who will be greatly missed in the Emerald City scenes, especially), Paul Saunders, Niall Sheehy (multi talented and very funny), Tommy Sherlock, Thomas Sutcliffe, Jennifer Tierney (the classroom scenes will never be the same!)
I’m going to miss all as each one brings something different to the show and it is these individual things that I will miss.
It’s sadness mixed with excitement though as I am really looking forward to seeing the newbies on stage. Unlike in the past when first rehearsals would be the first time you interacted with each other, this cast have been getting to know each other for a long time on Twitter. A cast that Tweets together, stays together… (ancient proverb).

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