An exclusive look at how the Holiday time is inside the WICKED Tour Family

By Mitch Friedman – EXCLUSIVE for BroadwayisWICKED

The 1st national touring company of WICKED is in Los Angeles for the Christmas and New Year Holiday’s. I asked some of the cast and crew what is it like to be on tour for the holidays.

Justin Brill who plays Boq thinks it’s very cool he says they have a lot of fun traditions with the show family like secret Santa. We get a little home sick for sure but we have a great tour family and we create a nice holiday with in that family. Justin has some family near by as well so he will see them as well.


The lovely Sterling Masters who is the Witch’s mother says this is the 7th year on tour over the holidays and her 2nd with WICKED. Sterling says this seems very normal to her now and has no special plans but catching up on sleep and taking it easy.

Antonette Cohen piped in  (not doing the show) as they both had a good laugh. Antonette gets to spend time with her mother and sister.

Paul Slade Smith (Dr. Dillamond) has his wife in town and says it’s nice as we are having a bizarrely warm Los Angeles for this time of year. So he is enjoying his time here.

Cristy Candler who just got here last week to join the company as Nessarose says its great! It’s a totally fun different experience then being on Broadway and its fun to shake it up a little bit. This show is as good as Broadway and the cast is lovely. Cristy will get to see her brother and niece and nephew for Christmas. Cristy says she will miss her  New York family but as she is from California she is having a blast.

Kyle Dean Massey (Fiyero) said it’s about the same as being in New York just a bigger tree then back home. He said he has been on tour the last few holiday seasons so he is good with it. He will have a Christmas get together with the cast and just have some fun and hang out. 

Lauren Boyd (Ensemble) really has a bit of an advantage over the rest of the cast as Los Angeles is home for her. She gets to be home with her dad as her mom is with her sister who is in How The Grinch Stole Christmas up in San Francisco. So half the family is gone, but it’s nice to be able to sleep in her own bed at night.

Mikey Winslow (Ensemble) said its tough and for him he has to grab every bit of holiday cheery moment he can and hold on to it and balance it. He says he finds joy out here in Los Angeles and that is enjoyable.

Katie Rose Clarke (Glinda) was off to have dinner with her family and says she loves it as they got to do secret Santa this morning!

Mariand Torres is the standby Elphaba. She was told about 3 hours before today’s show she was going on. She is enjoying being on tour over the holidays and will spend time with her family and friends. She is happy to be in LA on tour.

Dave works shooting photos of the audience in front of a green screen of the WICKED Set. He has been with the show for a year and a half and is a teacher and coach normally but has taken a sabbatical for the next nine months. He needed a job during the summer and he has stayed working with WICKED. Dave has family here so he is having a good Christmas and enjoying life on the road.

View the complete set of photos here:


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