Willemijn Verkaik is WICKED Personality of the Year 2011

And the winner is… Willemijn Verkaik!

After an intense three-week poll and by obtaining 55% of the total 590,000 votes, a new record for BroadwayisWICKED, you have elected the current Elphaba for the Dutch production of WICKED as your new “WICKED Personality of 2011“.

This dutch actress and singer, Willemijn Verkaik, as many of her fans have already stated in the comments section is the only performer to sing Defying Gravity in three languages (Dutch, German and English). She has also become the longest-running lead Elphaba in the history of the show and has closed the German production to recently open the Dutch one.

Second Place, and very close with 40% of the total votes, came our 2010 Personality of the Year, Teal Wicks who recently finished her peformances in the WICKED family on Broadway. Third place was for yet another Elphaba, stand-by performer for that role in the San Francisco production, Felicia Ricci.

Then Anne Brummel, Dee Roscioli, Rachel Tucker, Tiffany Haas, Etai BenShlomo, Chandra Lee Schwartz and Jackie Burns, to count the final top 10.

This has certainly been one of the most wonderful and amazing polls we have ever done in BroadwayisWICKED. I wanted to thank you all for participating and bringing so much fun to this race!

Congratulations to Willemijn Verkaik (and her unbelievable fans!) for becoming WICKED Personality of the Year!


36 thoughts on “Willemijn Verkaik is WICKED Personality of the Year 2011

  1. yeah, it was… It is 4.20 AM here and I’m literally trembling from exitement and I think withdrawal is kicking in already!

    Thanks facebook-voting-party, these last 2 nights have been an amazifying mix of bans, translating dutch and german to english and back again, chats, goals, computer hangups, but most of all: VOTES!!!

  2. Really nice article, thank you (for mentioning the fans as well)! And although I did not dislike any of them, I’m glad Willemijn won =). All the hard work (and fun) fortunately paid off! =))

  3. It has been so much fun voting with all those other Fans.
    German, Dutch, English, Australian and Hungary Fans joined a voting party, all because of our dear Willemijn Verkaik!
    Many sentences to remember.. Willevoting, She connects people,…
    We are not just some fans, we are somehow united, because of her, who touches our souls with her voice and shows us that we all can Defy Gravity. And just like our role model we made her soar in this poll. So THANK YOU Willemijn and Thank You to all this wonderfull Wicked Fans, it was truely wonderfull 🙂
    As Glinda says “Heut ist ein Tag zum feiern, ein Feiertag! Wie herrlich.” 🙂 (German Songtext of “Thank Goodness”)

  4. Yeah, love Willemijn Verkaik. I was able to cath her as Elphaba 3 times, the past week. She’s unforgettable. Gonna try to buy tickets 4 this musical, every month

  5. The good thing about Willemijn is that you don’t have to know the language to understand what she’s singing. That and her incredible voice makes her such a good elphie

  6. I’ve seen something like 20 Elphabas… there is no contest, Willemijn Verkaik just blows everyone else out of the water. Glad so many other people feel the same 🙂

  7. We did it 🙂 It’s great to see how much Willemijn is loved, not only in Germany and the Netherlands, but also in other countries. I am proud of all of the Willevoters, the voting-party we did and of course I am so happy for Willemijn because she really deserved it! 🙂

  8. I got up at 3:30AM just to see the end and of course for voting again and I have to say: There were still so many people left from the voting party, guys, you’re great!
    And we dit it!
    Germany and the Netherlands (and of course all the other) working as a team really works out 😀
    Willemijn ♥

  9. Whoohooooo! She won! And she totally deserves it, she is unbelievably good. Everyone who hasn´t seen her as Elphaba is seriously missing out!

  10. Congratulations Willemijn! She is absolutely amazing ❤ (and I'm glad that my other favourite Elphaba made the top 10 too — Rachel Tucker! :D)

  11. So great she won! Feel proud in a way of being Dutch.
    Willemijn is such a great artist and especially an amazing Elphaba! She has the greatest voice of all, in whatever language she sings. Congratulations Willemijn!

  12. Here a youtube movie of Willemijn Verkaik with the song “Defying Gravity” in NewYork. Sung in German, Dutch and English.

  13. These are three of my favorites. In addition to such a beautiful, powerful voice, her acting and emotional portrayal are amazing!

  14. And nobody in all of oz..No wizard that there is or was.Is ever gonna bring,sing or perform !Willemijn! down!………………Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

  15. aaaaaaah she is the best!!!! I alraedy been to wicked in holland and it was great!!!! and I’m going one again it’s great it’s very fun and nice so go to wicked!!!

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