Caroline Bowman to be in “At This Performance” on March 26

Caroline Bowman, understudy for the role of Elphaba in WICKED, will be part of the ongoing salute to Broadway and Off-Broadway standbys and understudies, “At This Performances”.  Presented by Musicals Tonight!, the 7 PM concert will be held at Off-Broadway’s The Lion Theatre.

Stephen DeAngelis will host the evening, which will feature musical direction and piano accompaniment by Eugene Gwozdz. Also starring that night, Nick Cartell (understudy for the roles of Jesus of Nazareth, Judas Iscariot and Annas in Jesus Christ Superstar), Alison Cimmet (understudy for the roles of Blanche Barrow, Emma Parker, Cumie Barrow and Governor Ferguson in Bonnie & Clyde)Hannah Elless (understudy for all Female role in Godspell), Jared Gertner (standby for the role of Elder Cunningham in The Book of Mormon), Eric Michael Krop (understudy for all Male roles in Godspell)Julia Mattison (understudy for all Female roles in Godspell)Kyle Post (Male Swing in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark); Nathan Scherich (understudy for the roles of Bob Gaudio, Nick Massi, Gyp DeCarlo and Bob Crewe in Jersey Boys) and Christianne Tisdale(understudy for the roles of Dr. Sharone Stein, Mrs. Hatch, Cynthia Rowland, Vera, Leora Kahn, Club Verdado Singer, Mrs. Lloyd, Betsy Rappaport and Radio Singer in On a Clear Day You Can See Forever).

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Willemijn Verkaik is WICKED Personality of the Year 2011

And the winner is… Willemijn Verkaik!

After an intense three-week poll and by obtaining 55% of the total 590,000 votes, a new record for BroadwayisWICKED, you have elected the current Elphaba for the Dutch production of WICKED as your new “WICKED Personality of 2011“.

This dutch actress and singer, Willemijn Verkaik, as many of her fans have already stated in the comments section is the only performer to sing Defying Gravity in three languages (Dutch, German and English). She has also become the longest-running lead Elphaba in the history of the show and has closed the German production to recently open the Dutch one.

Second Place, and very close with 40% of the total votes, came our 2010 Personality of the Year, Teal Wicks who recently finished her peformances in the WICKED family on Broadway. Third place was for yet another Elphaba, stand-by performer for that role in the San Francisco production, Felicia Ricci.

Then Anne Brummel, Dee Roscioli, Rachel Tucker, Tiffany Haas, Etai BenShlomo, Chandra Lee Schwartz and Jackie Burns, to count the final top 10.

This has certainly been one of the most wonderful and amazing polls we have ever done in BroadwayisWICKED. I wanted to thank you all for participating and bringing so much fun to this race!

Congratulations to Willemijn Verkaik (and her unbelievable fans!) for becoming WICKED Personality of the Year!

Taylor Trensch to temporarily replace Etai Benshlomo in WICKED Broadway as Boq

Etai Benshlomo, currently playing Boq in the Broadway production of WICKED, has recently published in this official facebook page:

“BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: I will be taking a three-month leave from WICKED to play Freddy Honeychurch in the world premiere of A ROOM WITH A VIEW at the Old Globe Theatre, San Diego (March 12 – April 15)! I will be leaving WICKED January 22nd – but will be back in the show starting April 24th!”

Now it appears that, according to great blog FlyingHighwithWicked, Taylor Trensch will replacing Etai as from January 22nd.

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The Ultimate Encore – Defying Gravity – Wicked Day 2011

WICKED celebrated its 8th anniversary on Broadway with a special encore performance in  the lobby of the Gershwin Theatre. Fans voted -during this last couples of days- for the song to be performed being, with no surprise, “Defying Gravity”. The current Broadway cast and alumni, plus a special appearance by composer Stephen Schwartz, sang this amazing tune.

Wicked displays full costumes at Neiman Marcus

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All fans need to check out this innovative attraction at Neiman Marcus just down the hall.

The Wicked family is currently displaying at NM’s windows a bunch of actual costumes from the show. This are also paired with d with actual outfits and accessories sold in the store — and it’s a pretty dazzling display. Also, on Friday, Oct. 14, at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., Marina Reti, assistant designer to Tony-award-winning designer Susan Hilferty, will give guided walking tours of the costumes. Tour space is limited: Call 973.218.2946 to reserve as spot.

“Wicked” display last through Sunday. Check out the complete display here and here

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