Help WICKED reach 1,000,000 fans on Facebook

You can be part of this milestone in WICKED The Musical’s history. Let’s help them get to 1,000,000 fans on Facebook and prove why WICKED has the coolest and most amazing fans of all shows besides being the most followed.

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Eighth Anniversary of Wicked in Broadway brings a “Ultimate Encore Performance”

The Wicked family will celebrate its Eight Anniversary with a month-long roster of activities and promotions throughout October, culminating on Wicked Day, Oct. 30, with a special, one-time-only Ultimate Encore Performance.

Wicked is currently inviting fans to vote on their favorite song from the show, which will be performed by the current Broadway cast immediately following the Oct. 30 matinee.  The one-time-only performance will also be available for viewing via Facebook that evening for Wicked fans across the globe.

Those wishing to vote for which song will be performed should visit

Wicked fans in the New York area will also be treated to some Wicked-inspired events, including an event at Neiman Marcus; a weekend at the Bronx Zoo; a Tasti D-Lite special; and a specialWicked night out with Satya Jewelry.

For more information on Wicked Day events, visit\

via Playbill and FuckYeahWicked

Wicked London’s Facebook Wall goes down for a couple of days to stop offensive posts

This is the type of news no one wants to publish. Unfortunatelly, the Wicked London Official Fan Page published the following just a couple of minutes ago.  So Sad..

DEAR OZIANS! To discourage the unwanted offensive posts WICKED London will be removing the interactive Facebook wall for one week. While the wall is out of action you will be able to comment under WICKED London status updates, and be able to post images and videos again from next Monday. WICKED London would like to THANK YOU all for your cooperation and for reporting unwanted content.

Let’s hope this can stop unwanted people from posting rubbish in open walls. 😦

Roger Federer conquers Facebook.

Roger Federer, probably the best player in the history of Tennis, is also becoming a huge success in Facebook. With an official page with over 2.000.000 fans already, Roger says that he enjoys widely the possibility to interact with his followers. However, he admits he has a person to help with updating his Facebook, but he tries to update it himself regularly.

Now playing Wimbledon, Federer has updated in high frequency his facebook page with exclusive content as videos of himself thanking his fans for all the support or even giving a sneak peak on his new Nike outfit.