Natalie Daradich and Ashley Dawn Mortensen joins the First National Tour of WICKED

Natalie Daradich and Ashley Dawn Mortensen join the First National Tour of WICKED as stand-by for Glinda and understudy for Elphaba respectively.

Ms. Daradich will return only after a few months leaving the Second National Tour of the smashing-hit production while Ms. Dawn is a new face in the family.


Broadway World reviews Second National Tour of Wicked in Costa Mesa

The Broadway World team has once again review the smashing-hit musical Wicked.

“Understandably, this musical is such a huge hit that the current 2nd National Tour boasts, not one, but two simultaneously traveling companies performing the exact same show with, of course, two different casts. For the Segerstrom Center’s tour stop, Orange County is blessed with a really talented group, headed by Brummel’s snarky take on Elphaba and Daradich’s winningly-hilarious over-the-top version of Galinda.”

“Overall, WICKED’s presentation at the Segerstrom Center is just as awe-inspiring as its initial debut in Orange County several years ago. If they keep this up, this show’s touring future will, no doubt, be… unlimited… unlimited… (Sorry, couldn’t resist).”

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Editorial: Thank you and Happy New Year

This is the time of the year were we go back and review it everything. But I thought that cliche would make it boring and uninteresting for you. So…

As you all know by now, I don’t very much like writing about my ideas of thoughts, but New Years Eve makes me a little bit emotional.

2010 was crazy in Wicked The Musical. We had a lot of cast announcements and changes. We mourned some great people leaving and celebrated some amazing new ones stepping into the big Wicked Family. We even had to undergo the closure of the San Francisco Production-with such amazing and INCREDIBLY TALENTED  people performing there. We also had some changes in productions styles. We changed Sydney for an Australian National Tour and we also had the German production going to Oberhausen.

It was for sure a thrilling ride! But I want to take this opportunities for thanking and recognizing some people.

We started back in 2009 with a small blog. Now we are one of the top Wicked blogs in the Wicked -sphere and this wouldn’t have been able if it weren’t for you guys. Yes you, my readers. Thank you for joining us and for enabling us to grow. Whether it’s your first time or you are just revisiting, Thank you. We would be nothing without you guys reading us.

Another thank-you goes to the amazing Performers that let us share their world. My list is long but it’s worth thanking each one of them:

Nicolas Dromard, Neka Zang, Natalie Daradich, Felicia Ricci, Libby Servai, Alyssa Fox, Lindsay K. Northen, Lesley McKinnell, Stefanie Brown, Jody Gelb, Cassandra Compton, Lucy Newton, Lucy Durack, Tim Campbell, Ben Darmanin, Teal Wicks and Liana Hunt.

To all of you Thank you. Without you guys we would be nothing. You guys make us feel special and appreciated as you make us be part of your world. You know that we, fans, love you and we will even follow you after Wicked (or Mamma Mia in Liana’s case) on whatever project you want to engage. Thanks for making 2010 a special year.

Third, I want to thank the different Fans that engage regularly on here-specially TWickies. You guys rock! I hope we keep you entertain as much as possible, for you to keep coming back. Thank you for making us company every single day.

Felicia Ricci’s fans, as well as the guys for Jemma Rix and Willemijn Verkaik, have proven me that they are strong as hell. However, I want to deeply and specially thank TWickies. This guys are mental! They are Teal Wicks fans! Although I consider myself one of them, I have to admit this guys are nuts about Teal. Their Founding Mother and Head Jacqueline is amazing! If I ever include a Fan Personality of the Year I think she would (deserves) win it. Thanks Jacq for everything and for trusting BroadwayisWicked! I know Teal is proud of you.

Last but not least I want to thank my co-writer and newly addition Sarah without whom I would never get such amazing information directly from West End! Thanks girl!

So there, I hope you enjoyed this year and we are looking forward to having an amazing 2011.

Happy New Year!

The BroadwayisWicked Team

Review: Wicked The Musical with the Second National Tour at Madison Wisconsin


“Call Lesley McKinnell a bubble: as Glinda the good witch, she floats right to the top.”

“It may sound churlish to say “Wicked” makes up in flash what it lacks in heart. But the connections feel forced – as Elphaba, Noon keeps her distance from everyone, even during an oddly chaste “lovemaking” scene. She’s a solid singer with a keen sense of comic timing, but it doesn’t penetrate beneath the surface. As Fiyero, Peluso, too, looks like he’s going through the motions.”

Find the full and original article here

Vicki Noon replaces Marcie Dodd in 2nd National Tour of Wicked

Was officiallly announced: Vicki Noon is replacing Marcie Dodd as Elphaba  in the 2nd National Tour of Wicked as from today April 6th.

Straight from San Francisco production, Ms. Noon will be playing her role opposite to Natalie Daradich  (Glinda) and Chris Peluso (Fiyero).

This Tour of Wicked is currently playing in Toledo, OH until April 18th.

Girl of the Week: Natalie Daradich

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Natalie Daradich is the current Glinda in the National Tour of Wicked. She previously performed the roles of Glinda and Nessarose in Los Angeles and San Francisco productions of the same show. Credits include Les Miserables in Concert at the Hollywood Bowl,My Fair Lady, Anne of Green Gables, Little Shop of Horrors, and The King of I.