Ultimate WICKED Stars Twitter List

A complete list of Twitter Profiles from all Broadway and Theatre stars that have been part of WICKED along the world.

Julie Reiber – @juliereiber
Mandy Gonzalez – @mandygonzalez
Zoe Gertz – @zoegertz
Donna Vivino – @donnavivino
Jennifer Di Noia – @theowl8jenny
Dee Roscioli – @deeroscioli
Stephanie J. BLock – @stephanieJBlock
Eden Espinosa – @edenespinosa
Idina Menzel – @idinamenzel
Shoshana Bean – @ShoshanaBean
Charity Brook Smith – @charitybsmith
Carrie Manolakos – @carriemanolakos
Natalie Weiss – @natalieweiss
Alyssa Fox – @AlyssaFox
Felicia Ricci – @FeliciaRicci
Willemijn Verkaik – @Wverkaik

Megan Hilty – @MeganHiltyOL
Kristin Chenoweth – @KChenoweth
Laura Bell Bundy – @LauraBellBundy
Lucy Durack – @lucydurack
Lucy Louise Newton – @MissLucyNewton

Erin Wilson – @erinwilson5
Jody Gelb – @teadreams

Laura Dysarczyk – @thesforacle
Neka Zang – @nekazang
Cassandra Compton –  @ccompt

Kyle Dean Massey – @kyledeanmassey
Rob Mills – @RobMillsyMills
Nicolas Dromard – @nicolasdromard

Anton Zetterholm – @antonzetterholm

Ben Darmanin – @bendarmanin
George Ure – @george_ure

Sophie Linder-Lee – @sophielinderlee
Niall Sheehy – @niallsheehy

Contributors: @survivorqueen; @Jacqueline To

22 thoughts on “Ultimate WICKED Stars Twitter List

  1. donna vivino- elphaba 1st nat tour @donnavivino

    erin wilson- morrible understudy and ensemble member on 2nd nat tour @erin wilson

    laura d- nessa understudy and ensemble member in san fran- @thesforacle

    charity brook smith- elphaba in universal studios japan- @charitybsmith

    carrie manolakos- elphie understudy 2nd nat tour @carriemanolakos

    natalie weiss- elphaba understudy 2nd nat tour @natalieweiss

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  3. Libby Servais – @LibbyServais
    Alyssa Fox – @AlyssaFox
    Louise Dearman – @LouiseDearman
    Rachel Tucker – @RachelTucker1
    Nikki Davis-Jones – @NikkiDavisJones
    Sarah Earnshaw – @SarahLEarnshaw
    Mariand Torres – @Mariand41
    Lauren Ashley Zakrin – @LaurenZakrin
    Stefanie Brown – @somethingstef
    Jenna Leigh Green – @jemma22
    Stephanie Torns – @stephanietorns
    Carla Stickler – @sticklebean

  4. Libby Servais – @Libbyservais
    Stephanie Torns – @stephanietorns
    Louis Dearman – @louisedearman
    Sarah Earnshaw – @SarahLEarnshaw
    Nikki Davis-Jones – @Nikkidavisjones
    Rachel Tucker – @racheltucker1
    Carla Stickler – @sticklebean
    Lauren Ashley Zakrin – @laurenzakrin
    Adam Lambert – @adamlambert
    Mariand Torres – @Mariand41
    Stefanie Brown – @somethingstef
    Jenna Leigh Green – @jemma22
    Alyssa Fox – @alyssafox

  5. Tim Campbell – @TimCampbellTwit

    Anthony Callea – @AnthonyCallea

    Oliver Tompsett – @Ozziology

    Caroline Keiff – @carolinekeiff

  6. Dianne Pilkington – @DiPilky
    Jeremy Legat – @JeremyLegat
    Lewis Bradley – @LewisBradley78
    Tommy Sherlock – @TommySherlock
    Lee Mead – @leemeedofficial
    Taye Diggs – @TheTayeDiggs
    Kerry Ellis – @kerryjaneellis1

  7. Hey everyone!

    Willemijn Verkaik, first cast Elphaba in Germany (for 3 years already) and finally since November in the Netherlands is on Twitter too. You can find her ‘@Wverkaik’.

    liefs from Germany! 🙂

    • A hydraulic lift at the back of the stage. There’s a small prlafotm the woman playing Elphaba steps onto and a button she presses with her back causes a bar with the same cloth as her dress to encircle her waist. Then the lift is raised, but only if the bar locks. Also, there’s a bunch of black cloth that covers the machinery. Fog and fractured lights are used to heighten the effect of her being in the sky.There used to be a video on youtube with Stephanie J. Block explaining how exactly they make Elphaba fly, but apparently it was removed for copyright reasons. I have it and could send it to you if you’d like to see it.

  8. Glinda: @suziemathers
    Nessarose: @elisacolla
    Fiyero: @DavidHarrisOz

    All from the original Singapore production. (Though I think they might have been in the Sydney production too.)

    • Oh man you are making me wish I was in NYC right now!!! It looks like you are hnivag fun. I’m going back in the Spring sometime hopefully to see The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island for the first time (My boyfriend and I forgot our IDs when we went in August this year so we had our reserved tickets, but couldn’t board the ferry!) Good thing we live close enough to go again. Anyhow, I can’t wait to see more stuff from your trip

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